free texures!!!!!!!!!!!!! commercial or personal use

do u need attention? Why do u post a single link in a thread?
And this site is already good known among developers and designers. :spin:

Oh it is I just figured since they had alot of textures and I’ve never heard about it…

omg, you really like to post threads don’t you? You serusily don’t make a thread for a link… :\ Please think before you post…

This is a really good resource.

mb there is somthing good with posting it, mb somone realy doesnt know this site…
but would u mind to edit your first post and at least write abit about it?
Like you have to register and or what categories are there etc etc.
mb even some links to other texture bases.

greets equal

You might also want to note that the license for these textures is not compatible with open-source licenses (See their FAQ CG Textures FAQ.)

also a great site for an open source 3d program,