Free the Monsters campaign

Hey all,

I wanted to let folks know about a campaign I have launched along with Blender Cookies’ Jonathan Williamson. It’s a crowdfunding campaign whose goal is to create a collection of freely-licensed, high-quality, game-ready concept art and models created in Gimp and Blender. We want to create these models for use in indie and open source games, as well as for use as placeholder models in games and proofs of concept. We also hope they will be of use to Blender artists who can take them, modify them, and create their own art with them without any licensing fee. We are inspired by the freedom and power that Blender and the Gimp provide us, and though the concepts and models cost money to create, we mean to create them with the same care and intention as our beloved Blender is itself created.


What’s more is that one of the backer tiers, called BFF of Monsters, will provide instructional process videos showing how one of the Free Monsters was painted using the Gimp, and then modeled in Blender, so with these exclusive videos, you can learn for yourself how to create monsters of your own.

We really care about this project and want to see it succeed, we want to prove how powerful Blender and Gimp are as creation platforms, and we want to prove that going straight to the people who care for funding, and giving away the fruits of our labor is as viable for content creation as it is for software development.

Pitch in a few bucks if you can and keep blending!

What do people think about this kind of crowd-funded cultural production. Do you think a collection of models like this would be useful to build off of or utilize. Would they be useful in the BGE?

I think it would be great but you would need fifty of them at least.That is just my take on it.Plus there should be male and female monsters.

not into it myself…this maybe a poor forum to advertise this…since most of us, if we are game devs)obviously are already 3d artists also…and any self respecting indie game developer does all his own work code and 3d…it maybe better suited to post this link in the game dev forums…some of them(not many) have limited art skills and better code skills…they may find this interesting…idk.

To build off as in Kitbashing maybe.