Free to use Concept Art?

So, (I hope that I’m in the right category), I want to model something more complex, to reach to the next level, but I don’t have any good ideas. What I think I need is some concept art to give me ideas. But, wouldn’t be illegal to create something that I saw on the web that belongs to somebody else? Is there concept art free-to-use or something? Noob question…

I wouldn’t do a strait copy, but it is common for artists to collect art/photos/ other things that inspire them and take elements to put together to create something new. I dont think there would be any problem if you were to say make a 3D model based of someones concept drawing. You may be interested in trying ink blotting for coming up with ideas. With real ink or in Photoshop, sketchbook pro, etc

I totally agree

Antoni you can use Concept Art for Reference, Just don’t copy it. :wink:

If you’re building a portfolio it’s nice to demonstrate your ability to model from concept art, and in such a case you want to be as faithful as possible. The good news is that as long as the artists are just posting stuff on the internet (as opposed to painting it for a larger project where they don’t typically own the copyright), they’ll often agree to let you build a model based on their design if you just credit them properly. So I’d advise to just pick your favorite piece of concept art and send off an email asking for permission.

Loads of people all over the world make art based on famous copyrighted characters too…
As long as it’s fan art and not used commercialy you should be in the green…
Just always remember to credit the owner/creator.

I’d just fire an email to the artist and ask.