Free tree software, with real trees?

I know that there’s a few tree generator programs, but they all seem to be non-free, and since I don’t have a credit card/paypal,etc. even a 0,001 usd price is too much for me, so are there any free alternatives, or do I have to try and find free 3d tree packs on random 3d models sites?

Ideally I’d want something that just gives you a finished tree template and you only choose a size or something, not something where I have to make up entire trees from scratch and decide what is realistic enough.

Check out, there’s some good trees on there. Otherwise, unless you want to build it from scratch with the sapling addon, I don’t know of any other free options

A few Blender tree addons are free. Free as beer , free as ice cream and free as Orient Express from Paris to Constantinople.

Treeit is a good choice

Check this Blender addon: Modular Tree. You basically create your tree in node editor. It creates quads topology, has seamless transition between branches and trunk. Couple of procedural bark materials also available.