Free Tree!

Well, the real reason for this thread is to try and figure out what it is about the leaves that look odd in realtime while its rotating. It looks like the part that is supposed to be transparent actually blocks out what is supposed to be behind it while still being transparent. (sorry, that’s the best explanation i could give) Anyway, if you press “P” you’ll see what i mean. I know its not the most realistic tree or anything and its not meant to be. You may use this tree how you wish as long as you include me in the credits of whatever you’re using it for. No-one has permission to use this tree commercially.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot:

And here’s the tree:

It appears that the faces of the leaves are not set to two sided. If their not you can only see the leaves from certain views.

you’re hitting a common problem with alpha faces in blender. blender doesn’t sort which object should be in front of the other correctly( it goes by wich object’s center is closest to the camera, not actually wich face is closest) . try putting the tree trunk’s center in the middle and each leaf’s center more towards the outer rim. i know it will be annoying having several objects for one tree, but the only other way to get what you want is to enable “zTransp” in the materials section and force blender to sort the faces(this takes a lot of performance when there are more than just a few trees). It’s kind of hard to explain but I hope this helps