Free VDB's From EmberGen: Clouds, Explosions, Smoke Plumes & More!

Back in 2020 we released a set of free VDB files licensed under CC0 (Public Domain) to celebrate Blenders VDB import feature. This time we’re doing it even bigger by releasing over 1,000 new high fidelity VDB files for you to use in your projects however you please. Each set also contains the corresponding EmberGen project file we used to create these VDBs just in case you want to experiment or tweak them! It’s not often that you can find animated VDB sequences for free, so here you go!

Our new sets:

  1. Looping tornado (Sequence)
  2. Aerial explosion (Sequence)
  3. Ground Explosion (Sequence)
  4. Fiery Smoke Plume (Sequence)
  5. Industrial Smoke Plume (Sequence)
  6. Clouds Pack (10 Static VDBs)
  7. Grenade Dust Impact (Sequence)
  8. Small Looping Campfire (Sequence)
  9. Massive Dust Shockwave (Sequence)

You can download the files here:


Congratulations, this work has been nominated for the ‘Best of Blender Artists 2022’ award in the #vfx category! You can vote for it here.