Free Vector Assets

Hi All,

Just thought I’d mention these free vector assets I found online.
I saw a turotial on using vector 3D with Cinema 4D and thought, “Blender can do that too!”

Here is the free stuff.

1.)Open up the .PS vector file in illustrator, select a vector image and copy it to the clipboard.
2.)Create a new document and paste the single vector item into it.
3.)Save the document as an SVG file.
4.)Import to SVG file into blender.
5.)Convert curve to mesh.
6.)Sub-object edit the mesh and extrude the vector up into full 3D.

That’s it!

On the subject of vectors, has anyone checked out the free auto-vectorization tool from stanford?

Just upload any bitmap and it will vectorize it for you free and you can download an eps or svg. If you have illustrator etc, they do a similar job but apparently this does better calculations.

look at , it’s a version of blender with a vectorizer built in.