Free version of Magpie?

(rwv01) #1

Is there still a free version of Magpie?
I couldn’t find the link any where on its site:

If somone could send me the link I sure would appreciate it.

(ben999995) #2

lol i went to the site and saw a freeware button click that :slight_smile:

(dante) #3

Actually, I cant find it either. In the freeware section, I found plug-in versions of magpie and transgen. They also offer a trial version of magpie to download, but no freeware version.

I would also like a copy of this software.

(dante) #4

I noticed when downloading the “trial” version of magpie (not magpie pro) that they DO say that magpie is for evaluation and that it is fully functional, but not that you will ever be force to register…

Perhaps this is the free version that you were talking about?

(rwv01) #5

Thanks guys.
I downloaded the trial version.

And now to try it.