Free versions of A(ctive)W(orlds)?

I was trying out AW (active worlds) and wanted to join, but when I found out that it is $7 a month the idea of joining quickly left my head. I don’t want to be a tourist whenever I log in, and I want all the options available for free. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about go to and see for yourself what I’m talking about. Does anyone know of something totally free that is similar to AW? I would really like to hear about it if someone knew of something.


I think I know, but I forgot. Give me some time and I might remember.

Ya, it’s called IRC.

Hmm. I tried Active Worlds way back when it was new. You could basically go anywhere you wanted and the only limitation was on your avatar. But even if I had this old version I don’t think it would work anymore.