Free video making software

Does anyone know of any good free software that will take large video files that blender generates and reduce the file size to help me with me problems? Or good free software to generate movies from jpegs from blender. What do you guys use?


OTO is correct on the part for taking multiple images and making it a video. Blender has a lot of nice video options.

to do that you would have to open the video window, add > images (select all your images) and then place them at the 1st frame and then go back to the buttons window and select the render section, select 1 to (how many images you have). Under the Anim button there is two buttons. Do Composite and Do Sequence (off the top of my head) I can’t remember if you just need one selected but if you select both it should work either way.

As for other video software, for resizing and setting up codecs and filters I recommend VirtualDub. Its a simple nice little video tool.

Thanks, very helpful forum.

Well, if you’re on windows virtualdub is the best video program I’ve found. It lets you use any codecs on you’re computer, and can do just about anything to video files.