Free Vs Open Sourse

How do you feel about this, does every media have this going , Blender ?

How do you think this has effects the development of Blender.

You raise a good point ! But I don’t think this applies to open source because open source benefits everyone in the long run by creating an ecosystem !

However giving your talent and hard work for NOTHING is wrong !

I completely agree. It’s a for-gone-conclusion that everybody wants something for nothing. Even successful, well off, business. That’s probably how they became that way. Off of the backs of people like us. But I believe open source is a completely different matter entirely.


You cannot make millions of copies of fried chicken by clicking “upload” button as with software, art, or scientific formula. Main problem is with infinity small cost of copy, that exploited by companies reselling once prepared lunch million times again and again.

Don’t get me wrong. Big business is there to make money. Otherwise there wouldn’t be much point in starting a business. But I’ve always been of the impression that without employees to help them produce whatever product they’re selling, they wouldn’t last long. The point? Everybody needs some kind of incentive to keep doing what they do, in the form of some kind of payment. Speaking for myself, I’ve always felt more like doing a better job for somebody if it reaped some kind of reward in the end, be it a raise, tip, or bonus. The same is true for open source. The developers and everybody involved get more done and feel better about doing it when they don’t have to worry about where their next meal’s coming from. Nobody should work for free. Just my 2.5 cents.

Working for free is different than working for nothing ! The dude in the video says so !

this is related in a way. It’s basically about how a higher incentives doesn’t equal higher productivity.

I think Artists work should be valued more in general and they deserved to get payed for there work But I think it really depends on the situation if a artist decides to work for free or not.

Its a good for networking and can open doors in the future for bigger payed jobs but most of the time you should get payed.

I’m confused as to what the debate is here. Spec work for an artist is nothing like an open source software project.

That’s what I was saying. One has nothing to do with the other. All I could figure out from all that is the getting paid for services rendered thing and how that relates to all the people that put open-source projects together.

The Harlan Ellison interview was hilarious :smiley:

But open source and free art are two different topics as far as I’m concerned. Really free art is about people or companies asking you to work for nothing, where open source is about you creating something and choosing to share it with others for the benefit of everyone. Open source is like building an artists colony, where we as a community help each other with resources and education. It’s a two way street, you are rewarded for the things you share, by the others sharing their stuff. But if someone wants to use it for commercial purpose without paying you. :no:

Yea! What kettlefish said!

Is quoting yourself bad form? well I’m gonna do it anyway…

I just realised I should qualify my last sentance here, because on the surface you could say theres a flaw in my logic. You could argue that the blender developers create something, that we are allowed to use for commercial purposes, free of charge.

I believe this is different, why? Well, because we are all part of the same community. Like I said previously we are happy to share things with each other (and other artists), and work collectively for the same goals because we believe in them as a group. If the blender developers asked anyone here to help them with something for free, would anyone say no? No they wouldn’t. That’s one of the ways we repay the developers time, support. Another way is by knowing who they are, and telling others about them. We are proud of the people who give up their time to help us out, and we will sing their praises because of it. I’m sure you all could rattle off a list of blender developers, but how many users of other platforms could say the same thing. Yes we get to use what they create commercially for free, but it’s because we pay into, and believe in the same things, and are happy to help others out the same way they help us out, with resources and time. There’s been a fair few threads recently about how blender could be better, and that’s how we evolve. But I imagine everyone here would wear the Blender badge with pride and support our community.

Phew that’s my rousing speech for this year, I’m normally a complete cynic :stuck_out_tongue:

What that last sentance really refers to is, when someone whether it’s a company or a indivdual comes along and expects to just use your work to make money without compensating you in anyway, that’s when the answer is No.

Funny flow chart:

Well I know i have pissed of customers in the past i have always asked for 1/2 down on a price but work was priced ok for the market at the time. I only showed thumbnails to get my money no freebies. This pissed a lot of people off but the customer who payed liked my work.
I know a lot of people use software who don’t have a license and do work for free some times depends on the local customer. i stopped using license software a long time ago, using ink scape and gimp and other free ware. Customers ask about the software i use and i shy away from the subject a lot from experience. Lot of times i just lie on the subject i’m a artist not a doctor mr spock. But i notice a lot of people using Blenders name for $ gain but use other software, V is the biggest 1 that bothers me, because i know most likely its not its not licensed. Just looking at some trending in the Blender community and how to avoid my past mistakes. But i see a lot of artist using BI name and i see how they sometime influence Blender ideas and my ideas.