free wav to midi converter

i tried this out. it gets a thumbs up. called ‘amazing midi’
<edit> basically you feed it a recorded song, and it scores it as a midi file. then of course, you can put that file into any program that edits midi, and change the sound or tempo or whatever.

i have tried this before and it sucks :x
have u listened to the sample wav to midi test on that site?

why would you want to convert wav to midi?

[and why could you ever expect good results?]

it is like converting a jpeg to an svg, you don’t get any benefit and you loose a lot of detail

the benefit is you can play something on your acoustic guitar and play it back with a pipe organ. also if you do it right it works perfectly. also, samples of what various softwares can do are not always perfect, and are often made by the programmer who may or may not be an artist.