free web hosting

Does anyone know of a good and free web host? I need some free space, few GB of transfer per month and, whats important, no size limits per file. I need a host for a webpage about my animation (production of which is starting in few days), so the movie file may be big and often hosts limits file size. Ive found two interesting offers:

Unfortunately, at the first one domain and subdomain options are disabled lately (and I want to register domain for this animation). And I cant register to second host. It says that my an e-mail with confirmation code was sent, but I didnt get one.


I was looking for a good free webhost as well some time ago and found ZendUrl, but wasnt quite impressed with the support i got there… actually no support at all, so i wouldnt recommend it, Dont know about the other one, but i finally decided to pay a bit for a good host so i dont have to worry about server slowness and small bandwidth.
i chose Biznes Mini from (i see that u’re polish too :])

and if u need more space u can always go for some additional free filehosting service like which gives u 25gb of space (25gb/month bandwidth and max filesize 750MB) and direct url’s to your files.

hope this helps

I think you might be better off with uploading your movie onto an external file-hosting service, then hotlinking the download link from your own webpage. The reason is that free webhosts very rarely allow big filesizes above abt 5Mb, much less of the .mp3 or .avi kind [which can get abused into an illegal file download/sharing site].

can u explain how to do that?

Thanks guys for answers. I`m going to do it way you suggest. Animation page on my website and links to animations at file hosts.

Spend $20 and get a year’s hosting from DreamHost.

Free web hosting SUCKS all around. Put out a little cash and you get a domain name and a good hosting setup.

Hell, I have one that I’m not using so if you need to host big animations I can do it for you easily.

Ill use server which I use for my online portfolio and link to animations uploaded to []( and so I think it will do. But if I would need another mirror its good to know that I can use your help. Thanks, valarking.

Have you used polorix before? I know a lot of members here use it but I can never upload anything to it. It always times out.

not yet. Ill write here how did it go when Ill try it

polorix has always worked for me, but i only upload tiny image files.

say, your site’ll probably be up way before the project system is added to what i’m going to start working on, but maybe this’ll be of interest to you?

Im just trying to upload 90MB animation to polorix and cant do it. Server Time Out. Did anyone manage to upload there such a big file? And by the way, it is allowed to upload avi files there is it?

Tried 25 MB and its a success. So maybe Ill try it another chance.