free web space

so as the title suggest it, i’m looking for a free hosting service because i have used all the space i had…

i should feature something like +50mo, large maxfilesize (35mo for movie), good or unlimited bandwitch and if possible hotlinking

i don’t want to pay for a server cause i have not yet a lot of traffic on my site, so it’s useless

I think you’re asking too much, and should have tried the search function because this has been asked many times before

of course, i’ve tried the search function…and i don’t think that i’m asking too much. Really, the filesize limit of 400 ko or so piss me offf in a majority of free web hosts. And if i’m asking that again it’s because nobody talked of a decent free host

Get 400 “Pay-by-Post” points by posting their forums and you get:

500MB space
20GB Bandwidth
PHP, MySQL, and tons of other stuff

for free!

IMO a 35 mb mov file with unlimited/near unlimited bandwidth is far too much to ask from a free webserver, especially if you expect it to be looked at alot. 35 mb of bandwidth everytime someone clicks the link is not cheap and not free. Even if you don’t expect much traffic, thats still alot

I also don’t see why a 400kb limit on filesize is unreasonable. first, they’re supplying their service for images mainly, in which case there should be no problem getting a jpg compressed reasonably to under that size. Second, its free, they’re doing you a favor. They’re not willing to have people drain their bandwidth/cash inordinately.

I’m not trying to be harsh, its just that your expectations are not reasonable.

There are several good free image hosts, a search would bring them up. Some users also supply some webspace for people to use (not abuse).

If you want to host large animations/movies, you’re pretty much going to have to buy webspace, there are some good cheap ones.

Almost unlimited bandwidth, like 40 MB of so of space and PHP/MySQL support.

Well I have place for 35 mb big movie and unlimited bandwidth, but download for 1 user = 40kbytes/s (360 kbits/s) That means the more people are downloading, the lower there speed gets. :frowning:

I can’t remember all of the statistics but I hear shyper is pretty nice.