free website templates ??


where would you suggest free cool HTML templates for sites ?
something like this

searching in google results in 90 % unwanted results , do you know a cool reference ?

that would be very apreciated , thanks .

Open Source Web Design
Open Designs
Open Web Design

And for ideas for CSS:

CSS Vault
CSS Zen Garden

I’m willing to bet there are more out there.

Ohohoho! And, umm… Say i was to take you up on this offer…
How much?

$20 USD!

Mostly because I’ve already found more.

More templates

You could just try installing something like Wordpress. Free themes for that are really abundant.

Or just learn XHTML & CSS. It’s really not that much harder than writing any other kind of document. If you need free tools, I recommend Quanta Plus for Linux or Notepad++/Aptana for Windows for XHTML, and Firefox’s “Firebug” extension for CSS.

I’d be reluctant about using an general HTML template from anywhere because you’ll probably get stuck with a lot of complex code that you can’t maintain because you won’t understand it. CSS is brilliant because you can make such clean and readable code with it; the XHTML defines the content and structure of the document, while the CSS controls the visual appearance, styling, and layout.

it isn’t that hard to make your own websites from scratch. the hardist part is painting graphics in gimp/PS etc

I agree with Hessiess.But At the same time i want to say that Links are good .

Open Source Templates
Studio 7 Designs
Theme Bot
Web Shapes
CSS Tinderbox

There’s some more.

Tynach , you are cool , that helped , thanks man , and thanks all of course .

Nah, it was just a bit of Googling. You could have found them as well.

Also, although I don’t have it set up all in one package, you can help yourself to my website’s code. @_@

You can try on using a sitebuilder, You can Create your free website! here there are templates you can use for business and personal usage and its 100% free :slight_smile: