free webspace for blender projects - free/libre software art projects

Hi all

just want to share the following offer to blenderheads (and other f/loss artists).
we are starting an online community engaged with free/libre and open source software for art. It’s a free community so you’re invited to register and help/use the portal. help and participation would be much appreciated :slight_smile:
the community is runned by a small group of friends (students, self-employed, unemployed and teachers… we have it all) and we have rented a webserver so…

we can give you webspace to host your project (if needed with pre-installation of wordpress, drupal, mambo, joomla or typo3) and ftp account as long…

  • it’s not a commercial project
  • you use free/libre and open source software: you may use some proprietary but… this is mainly for f/loss users. main tool(s) or most of the tools should be f/loss and if you identify the tools you use in the website it’s even better.
  • only host “legal” stuff (we don’t want any problems), preferably CC licensed
  • don’t abuse the traffic… this is really important (or our host will complaint about CPU usage…)… don’t host 150 MB avi movies…
  • we would like (but it’s not mandatory) that the final work (movie, game, plugin, etc) would be released under CC license.

there’s no money, advertisement or payment in this. consider this an effort or offer to help f/loss art projects and artists. we cannot offer domains (we offer subdomains for free- if you want your own domain, you have to buy/pay it but we still can host the website if needed.

Feel free to visit register and use contact
or pm me here for questions or if interested.

we are not really sure if people (how many) will be interested but we cannot host 100 projects… interested people and collectives feel free to contact us and we can talk about it, can’t promise that we’ll host all projects, all the time… for now we have some space to “spare” :wink:

and feel free to “spread the word”, this is not for blenderheads only :slight_smile: