Free Windows Installer?

Alright, it doesn’t have to be free. Anyway, both MechaCop and ClubSilo used windows installers.

How would I use such an installer for my game?

How much would it cost?

PS: I am mostly interested in the installer ClubSilo uses. That would seem to be the standard windows installer.

just search for open source, or free win installer or something… i used one some time ago… it worked very well… allthough it says it is a trial. But i know there is an open source, completely free one out there, just can´t remember the name of it.


This is a nice one… same team that made winamp

you can make some neat scripts, to add/remove things from the registry and startmenu ,quicklaunch, desktop…

nice stuff

heh heh

I followed thondal’s advice and found NSIS myself.
I am in the process of downloading it.

Thanks anyway p00f…

The one I use is called Inno Setup…
you have to learn its scripting language, but it’s actually very easy and powerful…

try this
i used it
easy and free

  • NO DAM scripting
    you can put your own picture in the intaller and stuff
    very good

Thanks guys, but I like NSIS.

It is the installer used by Inkscape, so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me. With the ability to uninstall, make Start Menu shortcuts, and desktop shortcuts - even customize the graphics.

So I have found what I wanted - thanks.