Freebie.. red push button

not exactly state-of-the-art, but ah well…

here’s the blend


nice! the texturing makes it look real :smiley:

there’s just one little thing that I can see - you should try rendering a larger, higher-quality image, it might help, 'cause the current one is a bit blurry :slight_smile:

decent texturing but I think the button itself needs some raytraced reflections to look real.

small reflection + higher res example render


red-button.blend (863 KB)

For each of the bolts set the material to smooth and apply a Edge Split modifier with default settings.

ah, hi-res is much better :smiley:

Oooohhhh, that’s sweet! Fantastic polished-metal texture, complete with scratches.

There’s a slight moiré pattern in the surface of the button . . .