Freebie - Wooden shipping crates for BGE (UPDATED - Lower poly, two crates)

UPDATE 2: Updated again with a lower poly version. 132 triangles (72 faces) on the first crate, 84 triangles (42 faces) on the second crate.

UPDATE: The .blend file has been updated with the new textured 156 triangle (84 face) crate. Also, I’ve included a second crate with no cross-support boards (54 faces, 108 triangles). Here’s a screenshot with some dynamic lighting (download the new .blend in the original post below):

I was practicing my modelling and texturing, and I decided to make a wooden shipping crate, since it seemed like something that could be useful in future projects. I would probably do a few things differently if I were going to use it in a game, but it still looks good (in my humble opinion). If anyone is interested, you may download it and use it freely.

The original crate had 186 faces (about 300 triangles). You can do it with six faces (12 triangles) if you want to, but I prefer a bit more depth.

In-Game Screenshot:

NOT UPDATED Blender Library Object (176kb, for use with Mariano’s Blender Library script)
UPDATE 2 .blend file (153kb)

Thanks for sharing.

This would make a good static crate to place somewhere in a level.

Yeah, nice looking crate. I’ll have to take a closer look in a bit.

Yes, it’s nicely done
But with 300 triangles it’s better to make it the main character of a game
Ex: " The return of the Crate" :slight_smile:

Ohhh, that sounds like something I would say.

Ohhh, that sounds like something I would say.

I have to admit, I’m more interested in looking at the textures. That’s the equivalent of a pretty nice looking building in terms of polys. Maybe 30 would be O.K. for a crate like that. I can’t believe Blendenzo would do something like that when he talks about getting 2 or 3 frames per second.

What about this though, if I disconnect the parts, giving it 172 triangles, exact same shape, would it be faster? file:

note i didn’t texture it like the original it’s just a test

Blendenzo, im disappointed in the bad low-poly-ness here.

I downloaded the .blend i managed to manualy lower the poly count by 48 faces , The texture got screwed in the process and now every edited part is shown in white.

EDIT: oh i forgot to say , the texture is awesome , i love it in every way posible(exculding sexualy)

EDIT2: whoa bookeater pulled out a hat trick with his edit tho

Well, to respond to you all (beginning with fireside), I recently ditched my 4MB 2XAGP card when I found out that my motherboard limits AGP transfer to 1MB (hence my incredibly low framerates). Instead, I’m using the on-board 4MB graphics card in 16-bit color mode. On my old card, I probably would have gotten 3.5 fps on this crate (static). However, I get 45 fps on it with the card I’m using now for one static crate. Just for fun, I tried 36 crates set to Rigid Body, No Sleeping and I got about 20 fps.

As for OTO’s main character comment, I quote spike from his Bullet Effect thread:

He also mentioned planning to have 50-75 dynamic crates on screen at a time. By comparison, I don’t think I’m doing that bad with approximately 300 triangles per crate.

I realize the crate is not as low poly as could be. Some of the additional polygons arose because of how I wanted to texture it (the crate I had before I did subdivisions for texturing was 138 faces, probably the same crate geomis got from manually lowering face count). As I said, I would change some things if I were to use it in a game. I would probably bake the textures from the crate, then bring it down as low poly as possible and re-apply it.

Anyway, thanks for the comments (and especially the compliments on the textures). BTW, bookeater, you put me to shame with your excellent modelling skills.

4MB graphics card in 16-bit color mode

what! i got a 8mb graphics card with same color mode and i can barely make 11 frames per sec

wait its opengl v1.1 the card manufactures havent upgraded it to a more later version because its so old

or do you mean somthing else when you said “4mbs”

Nope, I meant what you thought I meant (4MB VRAM). My card is OpenGL 1.1 as well, and my system is Win98 on a PIII 733, 384 MB system RAM. Is your card on-board? If not, that’s probably why it’s slower than mine.


His crates were pure geometry? I thought it was mostly normal maps.

I was just trying to be funny…sorry…it’s stronger than me…take some medication…

Thanks for sharing blendenzo.

I also tried some optimising, not trying to undermine your work. The sad fact is I enjoy reducing triangle counts :). In fact we should have optimising competitions (or is that just me…)

I realise this isnt as “easy” to texture but “proper” UV maps are always better.

Heres a screenshot 156 tris.

Always optimise people, and if not you can probably get me to do it…

Good work, blenderage. There is a way to lower triangle count to 156 tris (84 faces) and still make it texturable. Here’s the mesh:

I’m going to retexture this one and post it in place of the first, plus I’ll post a version without the cross-support boards.

Edit: BTW, don’t worry OTO, I thought it was funny. I knew it was a joke about the main character thing, but everyone was saying that it was too high poly, so I figured you meant that part. Yours was just the best to quote. :wink:

Why are you actively trying to ruin everyone’s games!

Lol. Carry on :slight_smile:

If you have GLSL support, just use a nomal or parrallax, no need to make a full model.

Saluk: Thanks for that article link. I thought it was hilarious and posted it on another site.

thats a good static blendenzo, goe right into my peronal “im to lazy to model myself” section.
All this over a crate guys??

no the graphics card is biult into the motherboard but the main differance between our comps is i only have 128mbs of ram
otherwise everything else, besides the graphics card, is the same

could that be the sole cause of the dramatic slow down

edit: its a PIII 800mhz a little bit faster than yours sigh