FreeCol Terrain Graphics

Hello Blenderheads !

I’d just like to point you to another thread i started in the forum of the open source game “FreeCol” (

This game is a clone of the game “Colonization” from 1994, which i used to play over and over again for a long time. :smiley:
As you can see, FreeCol by now uses hand-drawn 2D graphics, which look a little ugly IMHO. So i started using Blender to create some nice terrain tiles and give that great game a nice look that suits it better and might attract some more gamers to it.
I make use of some of the new features of blender like displacement modifiers and node shaders and also some python scripting. Once i have finished some of the work, i will make my Blender files available to the public. Hope you like it and perhaps you can give me some advice on how to make those things look even better.

Cool…I will try this out…