Freedom Fries

As my predictions rarely come true, I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard about “Freedom Fries.” Come on, how petty is that? I’m a quarter French, a democrat, not a war supporter (no, I am not against the troops), not a jingoist, so I don’t mean to offend anyone.

When I started writing my media player, I decided “Freedom Fries” would be the perfect title, but I just got around to making the logo.

(The fries are intentionally oversized.)

i agree freedom fries are ridiculous. nice toon-shaded pics by the way! :smiley:

what do you think they’ll rename poutine as?

doesn’t the french in french fries refer to the type of cut used to create the slices of potato and not to the nationality? Maybe that cut was named after the french or originated in france but… oh well… thats my understanding…

yeah i think that’s correct(that “French” refers to a slicing style)… i remember hearing that French Fries were actually invented in Belgium… don’t know if it’s true but if it is, it makes the whole “Freedom Fries” even funnier :wink:

There’s alot of truth about that, there’s steak fries, curly fries, seasion fries, shoe string fries, American fries, it has to be the cut.

Thx Us dudes ! :stuck_out_tongue:

You were wright when you said that French fries were invented in Belgium !

Joh@n a french Blend@ user who just like America !

There’s alot of truth about that, there’s steak fries, curly fries, seasion fries, shoe string fries, American fries, it has to be the cut.[/quote]

You lot would have it so much easier in england. ‘Fries’ are ‘chips’ and US ‘chips’ are ‘crisps’. No mention of the french anywhere. :slight_smile: Just don’t get me started on biscuits . . . and my fact of the day, croissants aren’t french either . . . they’re polish or austrian or invented by a pole in austria . . . can’t remember now.

Many of us Americans like French people too :smiley:

Sadly there are many ignorant people in this world, and just can’t get along with one-another… and it doesnt matter what country/race/sex a person is from/is. There are many jerks in this world, but at the same time there are much much more nice people… and i love all of them.

A farside comic once showed god creating earth in a sauce pan, while using a spice shaker labled “Jerks”, and at the bottom it had a caption that read “Just to make life more interesting”. I suppose that really makes sense in a way.

I also agree that the whole “freedom fries” thing is getting out of hand, although i have only heard a select few mention it outside of the internet.

Neat pic, btw :stuck_out_tongue:

has anyone else heard of the renaming of “French Toast” to “Liberty Toast”?
and what’ll they rename “French Kissing”? :wink:

ACTUALLY… at a Perkins, I saw a French Toast called a Freedom Toast…

Oh… and i’ve never called french kissing french kissing… Always had “pleasant” other things to call it :wink:

Nice frys. I remember one show was making fun of it saying that in the government restroom they had Freedom Tickler dispensing machines.