Freedom (remixed)

I decided to remodel my original Freedom image. Blender 2.37-RC1.

Crits are not just welcome but would be appreciated.

About 4 hours of work total. Text, slight glow and the letterbox format were added in Photoshop CS1.

Less glow, more real:

looking good. Would this be the first image made using 2.37?

I kinda think the originals better tho sorry, it’s that blur effect that makes all the difference


i prefer the glow, it makes the roads look more ideal, and happy.
Just me tho.

The original is nice but this one has much more depth. Very nice!

i prefer the richness of the second but i would add the glow of the first one!
i think both things will work very good together!

That is interesting. Very good meshing and details.

That place could support a lot of trolls, eh?

i bet this is what the folks in downtown LA daydream about :smiley:
looks awesome. i think it’s a major improvement on the original. the clouds give it a photorealism the first image was craving. flawless lighting…bzaaa!

I don’t et it… made my own blend file click here to see it

Thanks for the comments everyone! I worked out some problems with the sjy image and rendered a very large (4500x3000) image for a 30x20 print I’m going to have made. I resampled this image and worked out a better glow:

Chutney: Not as glowy, but it’s done!

SamAdam: Happy it is… :slight_smile:

Kashoki: Thanks

cekuhnen: Gotcha :wink:

Spin: Thanks…it’s all subsurfs

DedKnight: LOL!

BlenderMan2: Did you post in the wrong thread perhaps?

I would like more texture in there. and maybe more detail, like gate on the side, some road sign, some light…

Oh God! It’s the Marquette Interchange! :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good.


yep thats done it. Great work :wink:

that’s it. very nice.

I might, though that’s not really the looks I’m going for.

Raseri: lol

chutney: thanks

samadam: thanks, any crits though?

That’s awesome, but I don’t see anything holding up that lowest segment of road.


I might, though that’s not really the looks I’m going for.
yea i know. It was more like a suggestion.
I understand the current meaning.