Freedom Strike - Operation Java Conquest - potential game.

This is a Game, similar to Star Wars Battlefront, except that it is on a smaller scale. In this case, you are on a mission to conquer Indonesia. However, it requires Aircraft carriers. This might be fine, except I am kind of impatient when it comes to modeling, and a carrier is too complex for me. More importantly, it would take WAY too many polys. Help please.

you can add a box a uv map the sides of air craft andset it to alpha

Sorry, but unless you show an already working demo or at least some models you already made, your chances of finding anyone to help you are virtually null.

Then forget it.

How about starting the game with simple models. You can replace them later. It think most important for the start is the logic. The best models are useles if the logic and gameplay is crap.

For a game in the size you have in mind you should start with a game design document and a story board.

First model- F/A-18

Problem: When I try to run the game engine, Blender Shuts Down. :eek::confused:

What kinda graphics card do you have? In fact, you should post up your specs. Maybe its one of the components you have. ATI cards arent too good with blender i hear. Nice plane model btw, you should UV map it.

If you plan to use that model in a game you should turn off subsurfacing and keep it low-poly = )

IIRC, subsurf does not work in the BGE.

There isn’t any in this model. Nor in my simplified newly-finished carrier.
BTW. How do I determine # of polys? (I don’t really know what my graphics card is, but at the least, the processors (i have an effective four processor cores.) aren’t at fault.

How do I determine # of polys?

press ctrl+T in editmode to convert to tris. then look at the top right of blender. It’ll be something like

Ve:12 | Fa:20 …

Fa:x shoes the poly count.

Btw, Java is only part of Indonesia. There are many other islands.

I think he may have been asking: How many polys can the BGE normally handle?

If that was the question, then the answer is somewhere around 20,000 (AFAIK). Although how smooth the framerate stays during gameplay depends mostly on the graphics card, 20k seems to be somewhat of a limit.


I think i’ll leave this one out.

Too bad. The model was great, And the texturing! :frowning:

I’ve made quite a few models in 2.42 that kill blender whenver I try t run them in the GE. I don’t know what really fixes it, but i ust toy around with random things until it does work. It might be turning off collision on all the models faces.

subsurf works, you just have to apply the modifier.

subsurf works, but its not practical.

joecool94 - Why dont you model a low polygon version over the top of your current model, concentrating on keeping the polys down. That way you can keep the same proportions. If you dont know what i mean i can show you an example.