Freedom under fire.

Microsoft, AOL, Google Asked by U.S. to Keep Internet Records June 1 (Bloomberg) – The U.S. is asking Internet companies including Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and AOL to preserve records of customers’ Web activity to aid terrorism and child pornography investigations.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller made the request last week at a meeting with industry executives, said Brian Roehrkasse, a Justice Department spokesman. More talks are scheduled for today and tomorrow. Also included in the discussions are representatives from victims’ rights groups, privacy advocates and law enforcement officials, he said.
We have begun initial discussions with Internet service providers and others on this issue of data retention to help the department with bolstering its investigative efforts,'' said Roehrkasse. Gonzales is pressing Internet companies for more cooperation as the Justice Department focuses on terrorism and child pornography cases. The move has prompted complaints from privacy advocates and led to a clash earlier this year with Google, the word's largest search engine. The agency has asked Internet companies to retain records such as lists of e-mails sent and received or information on Web searches. Authorities wouldn't ask the companies to keep the content of e-mails and would use standard legal channels, such as seeking a subpoena, before obtaining information, Roehrkasse said. The Justice Department has no legal authority to require companies to keep data on their customers and would need to ask Congress for that ability, Roehrkasse said. He said there has been no decision on how long companies would need to store the records. Retaining Records New York-based Verizon Communications Inc., the No. 2 U.S. telephone company, and Philadelphia-based Comcast Corp., the largest U.S. cable provider, were among the companies at last week's meeting, Roehrkasse said. AOL is the Internet unit of New York-based Time Warner Inc., the world's largest media company. Gonzales said in April that Internet service providers had hurt child pornography probes by not keeping data long enough. He said he would personally reach out to chief executive officers of leading providers to resolve the problem.The investigation and prosecution of child predators depends critically on the availability of evidence that is often in the hands of Internet service providers,’’ Gonzales said in a April 20 speech at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, Virginia. This evidence will be available for us to use only if the providers retain the records for a reasonable amount of time.'' Privacy Concerns Earlier this year, the Justice Department sparred with Google over a request for information on its customer searches. In March, a federal judge ordered the Mountain View, California-based company to turn over some of the records demanded by the government. Google initially had refused to give the government the information citing privacy concerns. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft, AOL and Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo! Inc. cooperated with the Justice Department. Yahoo is the most-visited U.S. Web site. Microsoft, the world's biggest software company, owns the MSN Internet service.We strongly support Attorney General Gonzales’ interest in assuring that the Internet is safe for everyone, especially children and families,’’ Phil Reitinger, senior security strategist for Microsoft, said in an e-mailed statement. ``But data retention is a complicated issue with implications not only for efforts to combat child pornography but also for security, privacy, safety, and availability of low-cost or free Internet services.’’

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Wow, this is the third thread about internet privacy in two weeks. I am starting to wonder if it is true. What is with this?! Why do they think that retaining information on people is legal? It is privacy invasion, nothing more, nothing less. How about this, flag sting websites with fake child pornography or sites about making bombs and lure the actual predators onto them (Yes, I realise I just put this website on a watch list :P) then you can find their IP if you arrest them and get their computer court-ordered and match their IP to the website. This sounds like a much better solution than a “I am watching you so don’t f*** up” law. But heck, I’m not a Congressmen so I am not godly enough to figure out a much simpler solution. This is the point where I might change my mind about the ACLU, if they get involved I might not dislike them so much as I have.

The Jack

The thing is, stinking Bush had already try taking googles records for there “War on porn” What does this make anyone believe that this is about “children” and “terrorist”

What porn are they talking about here, I never come across any cp “except for nude” on google.

And terrorist are smarter then that.

Yes, siting his ‘War on Porn’ which he seems to be declaring war on everything, (War on cleanliness next? War on homlesness?) I think he is doing what he thinks is best for the country, which is not the way it works. His job is to do what is best for the country… and Pornography is still free speech, wether or not I or anyone disagrees with it, it is still within’ law of the Constitution. Bush is not now what he was in his first term. Although I can’t say the alternative would have been much better, when can we have some good candidates? Indeed he treats terrorists as if they are stupid, well they aren’t so stupid they can’t infiltrate our country and attack us, which not many can do.

The Jack

Hmm… Seems like you’ll have to give up your cp AlCapone. j/k (I hope your not into that crap). Yeah, freedom is dwindling and the Bible says things are just going to get worse and worse, so I not supprised.

There are so many methods to go online as someone else, that convicting anyone for anything just on the merrit of their IP address showing up on some illegal sites is completely unrealistic. If I wanted to set someone up and send them to prison, it seems like hijacking their IP adress and roaming over a bunch of cp sites would be all that it would take to do so.

Im a little curious about weather or not they provide any other substancial evidence of computer crime (or any other net misconduct) other than just the IP adress?

Does anyone know more about this?

Never understood child porn.
I mean, they dont even have decent tits…

The government is slowly taking away our rights and keeping us in fear though the media. Turn on the news in the US and 95% of the time its some horrible disaster. This dosnt happen in other free countries. If you go and try to open people’s doors here in the US, most of them are locked. Do the same in Canada and you’ll find almost nobody locks their doors. Why is that? It’s about time for new leadership and a president who can think on his toes.

That’s just my opinion though.

We get the government we deserve. If more people would spend time being more politically aware, instead of sitting in front of the tube watching “American Idol” or similar drivel, I believe a number of these alarming “issues”
would not exist. We vote our politicians in, we can vote them out…

To sit by idly complaining about the loss of our freedoms, invasion of privacy, illegal immigration issues, etc is nothing new for us (Americans)… and a sad comment it is, IMHO.

It takes more then roaming to have it count as a crime, there has to be a form of motive, like downloading the image AFTER you are aware of what it is. The problem with such laws is that you never know what it is you knowing. They don’t all say things like “10 year old screwing mommy” etc.

Hey, even going to a website accidently can be consider downloading and possession, since files have to be downloaded enable to view them. P2P programs, you upload the image while it’s downloading in real time, how the hell you suppose to know what you uploading if the download never finish and not able to view it ?

What about porn that downloaders don’t agree with and are force to keep quite cause of the illegal activitys that is being done ? Say like beating, caining, killing, etc, etc.

As for why, well, there’s many different types that do it for many different reasons. But why out law a image of a crime that takes place in a photo ? How is that any different then a photo of a murder body or abuse that had happen in Iraq ?

And how far is government going to go. Are they going to start arresting people with photos of naked babies when they where younger or kids posing at a beach or nudist colony photo, how about banning the moving “Medicine Man” and “Good morning Vietnam”

Remember John Ashcroft, he wants to put you in prison for a Makehuman target that’s under the age of 18.

Well, if congress wants to give child pornographers a pay raise, then they are welcome to, cause that’s what it is, a pay raise. And what about the so called “Children” that expose themselves, say like out of the blue or just for fun. How would any of this make parents more responsible and the Internet more secure ?

Are we going to be force on the way we think, is the FCC going to start fines for people who swear on the Internet.

They just want to make it another stinking public radio or TV, which has no interest in anyone that wish to think freely.

And yes, terrorist are much smarter then using a unproxy, unencrypted form of communications, how you think those videos that pop up on the websites are never trace ?

As for why, well, the best way is to go into a chat room and ask, cause who would know better then them ?

Oh, and if you ever download such materials, don’t erase it, call the FBI and lead them to your computer so they can trace the sender.

Yea, I watched “Bowling for Columbine” too.

Needles to say I was more than a little surprised at the US-Canada differences.

We no longer allow poltical discussions here on BlenderArtists. As much as I hate and fear the BS that is going down in Washington as of late, we still have to follow our own rules here on BlenderArtists.