“Freedom isn’t worth having if it doesn’t include the freedom to make mistakes.” - Mahatma Gandhi

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Visually, inspired by my garden; emotionally, by the guilt-stricken reality of how we humans domesticate our biological siblings, and by the subjective and often beguiling concept of freedom itself.


Oh my that’s just lovely.
I really like it.

Amazing render :wink: How long have you created such work ?

An amazing render and an amzing message conveyed.True ,the concepts of freedom have been changing a lot but that’s reality and it can change for good as well as for bad.Once again a great work.

btw how did u model the cactus

It is really really amazing. Very beautiful work!


Here’s a screenshot of the cactus in Blender (started off as a Sphere primitive):

  • Reyn

Amen to the quote, and an AMAZING RENDER!!! Giving 5 stars now! :smiley: A true inspiration!

This needs to go to the top row.

Top row quality and still *3… I don’t get it.
Excellent work!

Thanks! I’m very humbled, guys. Thanks, really.


  • Reyn

top row immediately, love the message and the acting in such a simple image

Your art always seem to have a great theme or message behind them, the 3d art is always top notch, but what’s behind the art is what I think makes them a step above.

Holy shit! Fuck! very very cool … so I congratulate you that incredible work

Very good your work!, I am Brazilian and a big fan of the work posted here in blender artis, I hope to learn a lot from all you guys, mai short time, my congratulations to amazing work!

Thanks, guys.

I’m just posting again here (if you weren’t able to check the page) some closeup shots:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

  • Reyn

This is just superb, really beautiful composition and vibrant colors! Congrats mate!

I really love when you made the close shots, is how you take a camera on real live and make a shot!

for some reason the strong bumps in pot and walls give me the feeling of despair!
is how you tell the viewer to be out of there, because the in closing will destroy me (own bonds that we create ourselves, and prevent enjoyed life as we really we wanted), hahahaha that my personal interpretation about your work.

thanks for sharing reynante!

sorry for my english.

Moi! Thanks a lot for the compliment.

Very well-interpreted, Jose. In fact, this is absolutely relative and subjective; and I’m very glad that you’ve seen it that way. I like the bonds part that you’ve mentioned and totally agree with you - sad, but true.

  • Reyn

Great macro renders… I completely missed the butterfly when I first looked at this render.

This is so , so beautiful. i am loven it