Hey all, here’s my latest work! It’s a steam-punk marionette automation cutting his stings, but as he does those parts become useless. A lot of thought and personal philosophy went into creating this composition, but what you see in it is up to you!

Created with Blender/Cycles, with color correction in Photoshop.


Main lighting:

Two more clay renders:


Wow! well done for this piece, i have to say that i was really struck by the detail and ideas bursting from this image. for a start, i noticed that this guy is wearing some pretty trendy shoes; all these small details keep popping out in front of me.

in terms of the underlying idea of this, i was sort of reminded of some dystopian novels i have read in the past. it was like 1984, in a way, people try to distance themselves from society, become more independent, but find that it doesn’t quite workout how they planned. this image makes you think of how much you depend on other people as an individual.

Very well done with this, thankyou very much for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks Pierre, that’s definitely one of the directions I was going with this :slight_smile:

Great work, Jonathan!

I love it!

Excellent story and well executed!

very cool!!! Love the artstyle!

Say, why can’t the next Blender film be a horror movie? :yes:

A kid is playing with his toys … his unicycle and his red ball, of course, are in the corner, along with a turned-off lava lamp sort of thing with the Amiga Juggler inside … his marionette. “Come to bed, Johnny!” He leaves the marionette dangling in the moonlight. In the Halloween moonlight . . . There is a terrific storm, and a magical transformation . . . and The End Of The World Of Mortals As We Know It is about to begin. (But, fear not: Big Buck Bunny saves the day?)

What a fantastic piece, the detailing you’ve done is just stunning.


Stunning piece! I love the detail, but most importantly it tells a wonderful story, this, I think is one of the most important parts of art. Awsome job!

Looks like Ultron fron the new Avengers movie. With all the strings and his pose.

Small world, I live just south of Bremerton WA.

Also coincidentally, this reminds me of the prosthetic hand project I did in my engineering class. Maybe it’s a stretch, but the hands look somewhat similar, especially in the clay rendering.

We 3D printed ours, let’s see if I can find a camera…

That’s it, I’m saving this as my wallpaper, the underlined message is so true.

This guy could give Ultron a run for his money. XD

@Charles_S, that’s a cool print! I’m actually in Bothell, but nobody knows where that is :wink:

Interesting style. this looks great.