Freedom !

Hello there !

First of all, sorry for my bad english, i’ll do my best :slight_smile:
My name is Greg, i’m french and i work on a e-commerce website as a webdesigner.

I started Blender in november (2015), and wanted to create small objects to paint on it. Then, I discovered Sketchfab, wonderful tool for my purpose !

And then, after some tests, i made my first animation. All was done in Blender, the modeling, animation and handpainted. I didn’t want to use texture, i painted all the stuff by hand. I try to avoid as much as possible the reuse of textures or tiled textures.

And then, after 2 months of work, it’s here !

Freedom - Flying galleon by Sheeloo on Sketchfab

I wanted to make more stuff, like clouds, ground etc, but Sketchfab is not ready for that. I had sooooooo much bugs with fbx exporter and sketchfab, i spent tons of hours to correct them all… I can’t do more at the moment but, well, it’s finished :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll like it, this work is here to make you dream a little.