Freedon in the City

Hi all!
This is my last blender render. It’s for the Weekend Challange, so I didn’t spend a lot of time on the birds :o
I just wanted to show the concept I had in my mind.

Blender for modeling, Indigo for rendering (11min) and Gimp.

Hope you like it!


Thats never 11 mins on indigo… it takes me that long to warm it up…

overall… i think rather good… i like the concept…


Yes, it was 11 min on the indigo console. I rendered twice as big and reduced the size to decrease the noise :slight_smile:

Thanks joeab!

Ohh… never thaught of that… great idea…

I thought Supersampling did that anyway. On our 7 year old computer it takes like 2 mins warm up for my sexy chess piece test scene :cool:

Very nice picture!