FreeFall_89 - Sketchbook

Well here goes!
I’m a chaotic person and I usually got multiple projects going on so starting a sketchbook looked like the right choice to make!

I’ve been working in Blender for two days as I write this, so the beginning is a learning experience as far as the tools go! Modeling wise I’ve been modeling on and off for the past 10 years, but there’s is plenty of room for improvement.(specially in the hard surface department !).

Right now I’m starting on a Toyota MR-S, so far I’ve made a rim… next up would be the brakes and tires.

Sadly not a lot of progress, but I did a brake disc and a tire…

Long time of nothing, working on a little something right now… For now only block out… screenshot taken from unity, but modeled in blender, so that kinda counts right? :eyebrowlift2: