Freefall jungle environment

Been away from the Blender scene for a while and I’ve decided to get back in. I’m dusting off an old project - an image of a kind of jungle in freefall. Imagine a jungle growing in a hollow asteroid.

The texture on the limbs is just kind of a place holder right now. I’d like to figure out how to make something that looks more convincing bark. I’m also looking at some ways to add texture to the fog/mist, and I want to find a way to add some leafy vegetation, maybe something like Spanish moss.

Last step is to put some animal life in here.

BTW, the scale of the limbs is supposed to be similar to redwood trunks.

The fog really brings out the mystery to the render. Perhaps some jungle debris, make it less empty?

I dont really get it. It doesnt really look like a jungle, just a bunch of giant fibers, but very interesing.

Did you read his post? It said

Imagine a jungle growing in a hollow asteroid.

This definitely looks like an asteroid.

It might look more organic if the limbs were more cylindrical. I really like the feel of the piece, though. Keep it up!

how exactly did you create the mesh ? is it all one mesh ?

Yep. Took an icosphere, removed a few faces, and connected these empty faces together with the limb structures. Subsurf and then a lot of hand manipulation of the mesh.

I have been going through my old .blend files and I have found a script that I can modify to make some leafy vegetation. Trying to make/find a procedural texture that looks like leaves. Hopefully I can post an update this weekend.