freehand drawing

Could someone tell me how I go about doing freehand drawings.I can’t find it anywhere.Thanks

in blender?

unless I’m horribly confused [that was a pretty vauge request, it is possible] blender can’t do that and should not be expected to

you’d scan or use photoshop [or painter, or the gimp, or Ms paint or…] to image files, then load them in blender [I’d asume you mean as a background image]

now if by freehand drawing you mean vector graphics [as in an applicaion by that name?]

if you mean using the mouse to paint something [which is something blender isn’t good at by any means]
… well, it isn’t in the docs so it must not exist

actually, you enter paint mode, and can paint on your mesh in the 3d view [once uvmapped and an image texture [in the image window, not the texture window] has been chosen]. YOu can also paint on that image in the image window by entering face mode there. don’t forget to save your texture, it isn’t done by default

Thanks for that.