A huge thank you for this! I just couldn’t figure out the first step, like some sort of brain fart moment! Its working like a charm now. XD Thank you both.

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This looks awesome! Quick question though, is there a way to lock rotations of specific bones in the chain or have the freeik rig “honor” constraints in the base rig?

I’m gonna be animating a character in a game, but I have to use the raw exported bones from a .fbx. All attempts to set up a custom control rig has backfired! The rig has deformation helpers, twist bones, which I think might be a problem with this solution.

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You can lock all transformation ,but if you want to lock just rotation,it is not possible yet .
As for existed constraints ,they will be ignored.

Limiting Rotations on specific axis is a must for this type of workflow / add-on. I hope this is on your road map?

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Yes,constraint limits are part of the current development plan

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Im really excited to try this, it reminds me a lot about what raf anzovin is doing at so looking forward for it, he’ll be giving a talk during siggraph this year


Yeah,the idea is pretty similar :relieved:
He has a cool blog by the way.

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yeah I think the concept is the same, the execution is differen, but all in all the final idea is that you can freely animate without a rig that gets in the way.

Just got your addon, it’s really amazing, love it!

Was reading through Raf’s blog about the ephemeral rig, took me 2 weeks to kinda get what he was doing about the dependency graph issue in maya. My brain still hasn’t recovered.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you for making this addon, it really changes the whole approach. Looking forward to contraint limits and stretchy stuff as well.

Quick question - I think I figured out how to approach keying with the compact keyframe menu, but wanted to ask if you have a quick description about best practices and such, to avoid little pops when keying pins for example (or a quick 101 guide/video on that mayhaps?).

edit - I read the manual again, and probably wasn’t keying all the bones when I keyed the pin property. Seems to be working fine now.

Also, why is there an option for setting up the shortcuts for object mode? Sorry if it’s a basic question, just getting used to the tool.

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I didn’t try to understand details, just watched animations :grin:

It’s actually a good question because i forgot why i made possibility to setup different shortcuts for Pose and Object modes… perhaps otherwise something didn’t work as i wished …anyway it needs deeper look

Does anyone else get these types of show stopping errors when using Free-IK with armatures? (objects work fine):

File “C:\Users*****\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons\”, line 4868, in execute
RuntimeError: Error: Object ‘Empty’ not in View Layer ‘all on 1’!

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Do you use the latest Blender build?
And what did you do before an error occurs?

Yes I have tested with the most recent builds!

I have done the simplest setup possible to try to get things working - even just 3 bones - still I get this error.

I somehow suspect this is related to a Blender bug and it is influencing the way your wonderful addon works. Do you have any tips on how I might get it working?

Thanks for your fast reply!

I think there was some issue with inherited data or something in my startup file / Blender settings. When I saw the same error using MB Lab I reset to factory defaults and both Free IK and MB Lab worked again! Sorry to bother you! I should have tried those first.

It’s okay,the main thing is that the bug is solved :relieved:

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This seems like a very similar approach -

I like being able to adjust the stiffness like at 1:20, that might come in handy overall, but especially when working with long chains like tails for example. The live anim curve thing in the 3DView with scaling keys and stuff looks nice as well, might be harder to implement though, I guess.

I’m quite happy with your addon and the development plan, but figured I show it since it might give you some ideas. :slight_smile:

Considering the paper is from disney research and might never make it’s way into maya this might put animating in blender ahead of the game - not sure what others think though, comments are disabled on youtube and it’s getting a mixed reception from professionals on twitter.


Looks nice …but does it support siamese octopuses ? :grin:
As for stiffness and long chains ,the new solver i’m working on right now will be able to do something like that.

As for editing animation curves in viewport ,i really hope that Blender developers are working on this feature…do such things through addon is problematic,even if possible.

I don’t think so…eventually this workflow with pinning will come everywhere…of course if something better doesn’t emerge :upside_down_face:


Haha, true, I dont think so, especially not with detachable arms :smiley:

Niiicee! Can’t wait to give it a try!

Yes, editable motion curves in the 3D view and 3D ghosting. Seen some addons but they’re all either discontinued or a bit hacky.

Yup, there sure seems to be a big demand for moving away from the IK/FK madness. I didn’t follow the development side of things in the past, but looks like these alternative approaches are getting more and more attention lately.

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Does this work with bendy bones?


Yes,it works

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