Freeing Bake doesn't seem to work.

I’m doing a tutorial here: Originally I had 315 frames in my animation. After finishing the tutorial, I decided I wanted to increase the number of frames to 400. I went back to an earlier saved version of my blend file (because there were other issues). In any case, I can’t seem to change the number of frames to bake. Or they do bake (I see the red line extended to 400, but after frame 315, the render shows only a gray square. Can someone tell me how I can increase the number of frames that will show up when I render them? I’ve started this tutorial from scratch so many times, I’d like to find a way to avoid doing this?

This is at frame 315:

This is at 316:

Link to my blend file:

I had no problem freeing all the bakes after having opened your blend file.

I noticed however in my experiments that the “Free All Bakes” button doesn’t always work. To kinda kick the machine, I increase or decrease the Solver Iterations value just by one (Minimal impact.) before I click the button. It works every time.

Any way, baking works, rendering beyond frame 315 works. No problem. The only change I made in your file was to reduce the scale of everything by a factor 10. I found the scale at which you work a bit silly. Any way, I don’t think it’s what prevented you from rendering as everything was still within the clipping limits.

BTW, don’t forget to save after you bake… in case you want or need to interrupt the rendering. I got burnt once (Only once!) and I had to re-render from the beginning because the simulation didn’t match any more what was already rendered.

I’ll keep the Solver Iterations in mind if I have trouble again.

I increased the size of the original button because I wanted it to cover more area since it has a lot of vertices. Now that you mention it, I don’t think that solved my problem. Zooming the camera in though, did. As you can tell, I’m a beginner. Thanks for responding.