Freelance 3d modeling in Valencia

We are a small 8 years old team developing driving simulation software.
You can see our software in action here:
Our software is like a racing game, but for professional use.

We are looking for a new long term member, who would be involved in scenario development (environments, roads, race tracks…). The scenarios are 3D models that we create using Blender. These are developed from different data sources, usually client provided. The job is highly multidisciplinary and requires constant thinking.

We are aware that the job would imply a big learning process. We consider that time will bring technical skills, so for the selection of candidates we prefer to focus on mentality. Regarding that, we are looking for someone autonomous, serious, responsible and profesional.

The team is composed by four freelances. This allows us to adapt our dedication, although most of us only work for this. We are based in Valencia. Since the pandemic, most of the time we work remotely.
Still, we would prefer members who are near enough so meetings or working together from time to time are options.

Please, contact [email protected] if you are interested.
Thank you!

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