Freelance 3d modeling job, paid (solved)

Hi guys (and girls!)

I’m looking for a capable freelance modeler to create a realistic 3d model of a toothbrush. One that’ll allow me to get pretty close with the camera in HD resolution. Here’s the toothbrush:

I’ve got high res reference images of it from all angles, plus a black and white logo image.

My budget is 20 euros for this since it’s for a personal project. It’s also a little test. I’d like to expand my pool of freelance 3d modelers that can provide me with more 3d models of all kinds of products (cosmetics, stationary, packing… you name it). So I’m spending a little money now to find one or two people (I have one freelancer right now but his time is very limited). Projects for actual clients will have a bigger budget btw. I don’t usually expect people to work for peanuts. :slightly_smiling_face: You need to have PayPal to receive the payment and you need to be able to send me a proper invoice (you can use PayPal for that, might need a business account though). I’m open to all kinds of experience levels as long as you can make awesome 3d models.

About me: I’m Janine (Liandi is the name of my business), a self employed 3d artist specialising in 3d animation and stills of products. My clients are mainly product photographers and companies making/selling products. This is my website (which atm is more focussed on product photography than animation, please ignore that fact):

I’ll send the payment after I’ve seen the geometry/wireframe from all angles and if it’s good enough to be used for photorealistic renders. Something like Sketchfab might be a good way to let me inspect the model. You can send me the model after payment. It needs to be in Blender format, modeled as non-destructively as possible because I want to be able to tweak it. It needs to have basic materials and the logo applied as a texture.

If you’re interested, please PM me with a link to your portfolio and let me know how long you think it’ll take you. Note that I value quality above all else. I’ll happily wait a little longer for a better quality model. As long as it doesn’t take more than a week. :wink: I’ll give you a link to a number of high res reference images and the logo once I’ve seen your portfolio and am confident enough that we won’t be wasting each other’s time.

Little update: I’ve had a few reactions so far and I’m truly impressed by the talent of everyone so far! Just wanted to let you all know that even if I don’t pick you (I’ll probably make a choice tomorrow and it won’t be easy at all!), I’ll keep all your portfolios on file since I know of a few others in my field who might want their own models made at some point. :slight_smile:

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Guess I caught this late but here is my artstation portfolio just in case.

Thanks for all the replies so far! I still need to look at some of the PMs I got, but I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll most likely be choosing someone tomorrow for the toothbrush, I’m a little too busy today to do that. So hang in there. :slight_smile: Btw I might be outsourcing more than just modeling in the future, I saw some really good lighting and animation work etc in some of the portfolios too so I’m definitely considering it.

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hi, liandi i have done similar work i modeled a razor,
please check my artstation

Hey everyone, thanks for all the replies! I’ve made a choice now and contacted them. I’ll try to reply to everyone else as well although that might take a little while… Got quite a few PMs. :wink:

So this is now solved.

Edit: oops I meant this as a reply to the thread, not the last person, hope it still shows up!



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