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:frowning: My graphic artist doesn’t have 3-D animation experience and I need to create a 3-5 minute preview of a animated comedy (it’s about dysfunctional families just incase that offends anyone perfect). How difficult is this software to recreate characters that are already hand drawn into a 3-D animation? The drawings are not animated, every screen shot would take forever to hand draw, it is just the characters and certain backgrounds. How many hours and rate per hour if someone is interested in making them real?

I’d think at about $20 euro per hour, about $80 per character all up before animation.

You’d need to draw, model, texture, rig up the character & possibly shapekey for animation. An artist experienced would ask for up $200.00 per character.

Just be careful of some artists who’d take your money and run away before supplying a single vertice.

All the best for your project.

And yes - blender is perfect for your job!

First off I want to say that this is probably the easiest 3d software to start using, and IMO you can get from concept to completion quicker with blender than anything else out there. Also the quality you can achieve with Blender is world class.

That being said, modeling, rigging and animating characters is no laughing matter, you are looking at lots of time invested. To produce a 3-5 minute animated short, could easily take a team of artists 6 months. (Pixar took 2 years and almost 60 people to make For the birds

However a team of 30 people made this short in just 48 hours:

Just clueing you in, this stuff aint easy.

I do professional 3d work, usually just stills or really short animations (like 5 seconds),
I charge $75 an hour for freelance work. I’m pretty busy ATM though.

Edit: whoah kbot, what planet did you come from again? That shows you right there, you get what you pay for. No offense I hope, but those prices are really low.

Would you post any drawing of your characters to see what level of detail are you aiming to?

here is one character, in all his glory…


Wow, do you want fries with your animation?

By the way the singular of “vertices” is vertex not vertice.

Thanks for posting it. He is an interesting character, not too hard to make. I was reading your original post again and I got the impression that you are looking for some automatic Script to recreate the print? When you said: How difficult is for this software to recreate…etc, what are you expecting from?

Skilled artists are needed to recreate it. I don’t know how much is your budget my friend, but you must have one. Pretty much, according to your post, you need someone to do all the work…Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation of all your characters. Is it correct? You are providing only the story board, since your Graphic Artist has not experience on 3D software, Am I correct? How much money are you expecting to invest in your production? How many characters Does this family have?

When you state, “My Graphic Artist”, Does it mean that does he work for you? Do you own a studio? Are you the manager? Any website that we can look at?

I tell you this to go straight to the point. We are used to read threads created by kids that only have a comic magazine on their hands, and then, they jump with the movie making idea, with no CG knowledge, no money at all to invest. Only a comic book on their hands :spin:

I know this is not your case, but if you want to move further you must provide more details. I do not see you answering to any of the above posts, where those artists made a money proposal to you. You need to dig in on those subjects.


Demented is right though. I think you’re underestimating quite how time consuming 3d work is. To get it good, so that it doesn’t detract from the story is not easy or cheap and you’ll end up paying more for good 3d than for hand animated.

Another route you might want to consider would be 2.5d. (I just made that term up)
Basically you can take relatively few hand drawn frames of your characters and cut them up so each part of them is separately animatible. This will then give you the look of hand drawn characters but the speed of rendered animation.

I did a simple test for a friend of mine using only one hand drawn frame. If you added more facial expressions and angles I think it could work. It’s on my youtube channel

Sheesh mon - I is applying for a pay rice. I wasn’t even paid a peanit. I is making some vertices later. But I is also busy too much with me vertices and vertexes’. And sum grammer to go with me fries.

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You must set a goal to be in the top studios in Animation. xamples are [in order of quality, popularity]:Pixar, disney,dreamworks [the golden triangle of 3d animation studios], blue sky, weta digital, ILM, Sony. And thats because The higher you aim, the easier it is to get a job.
There are two reasons for this. First, that when you aim high, you work good. And second, this is very important, there is very little ‘real’ competition at this level. A lot of people want to get to these studios, so maybe you think, it will be tough, but trust me, GOOD artists are rare. The bottom layers of any field are cramped, but the top always has room for more.

It might be a good idea to post some contact info or a website.

Pricing really has to do with level of detail and what kind of shots (how many and other factors) and what is happening in the animation - dialogue or not etc.

Your character looks great and this looks like some fun.

I sent you a PM

I´ve just started the modelling…


I like the Beavis and Buthead style…