Freelance artist wanted

Looking for blender freelance modelers and texture artist to help towards the development of a multiplayer first person human Vs. Alien game. Pc/ Mac osx. The game uses an exporter md3 which is compatible with blender. Improving this game from it’s old style to new modern features…

We are in the process of improving the game. With all new models/ textures/ coding/ etc. The basics of the game is play as human kill, survive, use all your resources possible- team, weapons, etc. Play as aliens, kill or survive the humans, evolve and dominate.

Were improving this game to have features like modern games today- achievements, leaderboards, chat, reloads, HUD. Etc.
We are in need of texture artist, modelers, coders- quake-c .
Modeling- alien models, futuristic weapons, technology models
Texture artist- uv map out models in blender, and or texture it in gimp, photoshop etc.

Here is what we have so far-,authkey:Gv1sRgCMCUq-TG0e2vtQE
If you would like to contribute to this project - please join our forum- and post what you can do to contribute.

“What we have so far” link shows my own photos haha :slight_smile:
Hey, is this a payed job, or a “favor for a favor” job?

It’s just contribute and pretty much practice.
Say if your wanting to work for a team with cgi. Well this is like that. More of practice with modeling and working on a game/ multiplayer game
With futuristic assets and weapons and alien creatures.
Sorry for the link. It’s Picasa. Later it will work.
But for now please email me at [email protected] if you want to help.

And does this link work this time??,authkey:Gv1sRgCMCUq-TG0e2vtQE

Well, if you can’t pay for the art, there is always this “Code for art” thing.
Like, you could write some patches for blender in exchange for art…
You would definitely get more attention this way.

Link still isn’t working.

As it is not a paid gig you might want to change the topic to “contributor” instead of “freelancer”.
I can´t speak for all, but as far as I am concerned a freelancer is someone who is selfemployed in his field and charges you for his work and that´s obviously not what you are looking for :wink:
I clicked on the link because I thought it´s for once a paid gig posted up in this forum. Only 2 seconds of my time wasted really, but misleading nonetheless.

This is the wrong forum. It should be in “OffTopic Chat.” Please read sticky “Rules for Advertising for freelance help…” or whatever it’s called…