Freelance artists wanted for paid work, videomapping experience a must :-)

Hello everyone,

I am looking for talented 3d artist who know their ways around when it comes to videomapping.

We take care of the calibration process, we just need content creators.
We have the gear, we need the content :slight_smile:

This is a RECURRING PAID job, so please provide a portfolio/website of your work.

You will be working with deadlines and creative directors :wink:

Feel free to ask questions



i am a generalist 3d freelance , working with a video mapping crew : paradigme . you can check some videos of the crew on , or on (the site is in maintenance today) .

i work on blender, houdini , maya , can work on a lot of different things (modeling , rendering , animation, special effect , procedural modelingโ€ฆ). you can check my site too : (it s my new site , so quite empty for now)

you can contact me on [email protected]


See if you like my work. contact me

and lots more work in my signature

hello, I can help you with that.
can you please email me at
[email protected]

thanks in advance

Hi, what is the job about? We doing video mapping :slight_smile: