Freelance Character Animators Wanted

Seeking Freelance Blender character animators for a 45 minute children’s animation project. Characters utilize the CG cookie Flex Rig. The animation quality target is TV / Direct to DVD. Project will be toon rendered. Characters include 4 kids and 3 adults, includes hip hop style music video segments, character dialog, some sports action shots (american football). Work planned to occur June through Sept 2014. If interested please PM me with a link to your reel, demo piece, etc… If you have a per second / per minute rate, please provide that info. Animators will be provided a layout file with character voice, audio, and storyboard info to animate characters.

Michael Thoenes

my toon rendered work
Looking for freelance blender work

Its Blender toon work
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My PlayList of Blender toon 2D Animtion

Thanks patricia3D

Have had several good responses - thank you. This request still open as I have not finished my production planning yet. Glad to learn about any Blender artist with character animation skills.

I’m interested in this. I don’t have any examples of my 3d animation online, but I do have some I can send you if you’re still looking for animators. I’ve also done a lot of 2d animation. Though I’m confused about one thing, are the assets ready and just need to be animated or will I need to create all of the assets and rig them myself?

Thank you for your interest. I am calling this SOLVED. I have had enough contacts to compete my bid for this job. Great to learn about the Blender studios and freelancers out there.