Freelance Composer Offering Services

Hey all, I’m a full-time Music Composer (Pianist/Guitarist … mostly doing Orchestral Film Scores, Hip-Hop, Rnb, Neo-Soul) and recently I’ve been working (some volunteer, some pay) for independent video game developers. You can check a lot of my work here: (although these are instrumentals for artists) Hip Hop Instrumentals and get a gist of some of the things I do for recording artists. Would love to have the chance to work with more developers.

I didn’t know where else to post this and thought it would be an appropriate place. Sorry if otherwise.

Today’s my lucky day!! Pleased to find your thread on the forum. I am looking for a music composer who can do orchestral film scores and instrumental work on a voluntary basis. I am heading a team for sci-fi fan-fiction/CG animation project that’s going to be released by summer of this year. Contact me via PM right away please and I’ll discuss things further with you; ‘summer is just round the corner’ and I need to get a ‘wiggle-on’ asap. Hope to hear from you very soon.



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i’m still interested, please contact me via PM as soon as you’ve read this message please?


I say welcome! It’s good to see other composers on here! :slight_smile: