Freelance, first commission, copyright, legal, money

Hi all

It looks like I’m shortly going to be commissioned to do my first bit of commercial Blender work.

I’d really appreciate any advice any of you might have in terms of things to be considering before undertaking in terms of

  • the ‘legal’ side of things - copyright, who keeps the rights to the work
  • the ‘money’ side of things - do you give the client a written quote for the work etc
  • any other tips on how to be a good freelance professional that a client is likely to use again

And anything else you think might be useful. I’m based in the UK if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance!

I have been freelancing graphic design for a few years and I’ve never actually had to deal with legal contracts. Granted, I work mainly with small businesses and private individuals making t-shirts (what a glamorous life), and I’ve never had to do an individual job worth more than a couple hundred dollars. This isn’t legal counsel and I wouldn’t like to discourage you from taking precautions, but unless you’re doing work for several hundred pounds or more, I don’t think you need to worry much about legalese.

(yes I’m not making very much money on graphic design, I fully appreciate that I’m working below good freelance standards)

Hi Luftmensch & thanks for your input. Some of the jobs might get into the £100s at some point. It’s more in terms of understanding whether or not I can use the same work for different projects in the future, or with minor modifications and so forth…