Freelance/independent contractor business software?

Hi, I’m starting work as an independent contractor/freelance graphic artist, and I am looking for some business software that will help me keep track of my time, create invoices, keep a record of deductible expenses, etc. I need something which runs on Win XP.

Does anyone here know of any good software? Preferably freeware or open source, but inexpensive is also ok.


Go online now to Amazon and search for the author, “Herman Holtz.”

He’s been publishing forever, and his books are still in print. There is a reason for that. Start with his book on “consulting contracts.” Read it cover to cover. Then, “business planning.”

:eek: I said, “Cover to friggin’ cover!” And I meant it! :eek: And I don’t mean, “just before you turn out the light.”

It’s more important than accounting, bookkeeping, and other minutia. Not that these other things can be neglected, but if you screw-up the things that are mentioned in these books you won’t need all that business software. (Trust me. :rolleyes: )

As far as the software goes: “Quickbooks. Just like everybody else does.”

Hmm, thanks, I guess… :o

Anyway, I found a free software called BillQuick Lite that might be what I’m looking for…

Here’s a link in case anybody else is interested: