Freelance Job Cubicle Renderings

For those that remember me hi! I am still a blender user but I’ve moved into programming and although my roots still live and blender I cannot deploy it in my job.

We have a client that is struggling with providing us with visual content to apply to their website. They will be doing 2D renderings but they would LOVE to have 3D renderings. So I’ve come to this community to ask. Now the pay is not that great, $50.00 USD per Rendering and they are not too complex. You’ll need to know more about lighting & texture then rendering.

But they want an example rendering like, and they have dozens of other cubicles they want rendered. Anyways if anyone is in San Diego, California that will be a big plus, if not thats fine. All I would need is some sample work, anything with furniture will help much more then a character rendering.

You can send all emails to [email protected]

I hope you got my mail.
Some samples-

My 3D portfolio -

All done in Blender and Yafray.

waiting for your reply,