Freelance Job Posting - Egg carton modeling


I’m hiring someone to model and UV two egg cartons. I’ve become preoccupied with other projects, and need some help! If the project goes well, It’s likely I’ll have more for you. This particular client is Happy Egg.

For this project, I will need:

  • Two egg cartons modeled. One 6 egg carton, and one 18 egg carton. I already have a 12 egg carton with clean topology you can use to work from. The structure of the egg carton is very specific, and needs to be matched well.
  • both egg cartons UV unwrapped with a label created for each. A simple rig is needed to open and close the lid for posing the carton.

You’ll be able to dissect my current .blend file of the 12 egg carton to see what I’ve done. The next two cartons will be very similar.

You can see the work I did for the original 12 egg cartons here.

I’m looking for an experienced blender user who can provide me with clean models. Please email me directly at [email protected]. Send me some examples of your work, and a bit about you.

Here is an image of the 6 egg carton:

And the 18 egg carton:

The .blend file is too large to attach here, but I will provide the 12 egg carton file for your use and reference.

I will provide image files for the carton labels.

This project will have a very quick deadline of 2 weeks. I’ll be traveling but will be able to provide constant feedback. Once again, send your work and background to [email protected]

I will not be negotiating pay on this forum. Please send your requested rate along with your email.

Thank you.


Hey! How are you Riley? Sent you an email

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Thank you guys for the responses! I’ve got plenty to go on now and I’ll try to get a response to each of you. Thanks again