Freelance Python Coder required

(b_fish) #1

Hi to all Blender python gurus out there,

we are currently in a project that uses Blender as the link between content preparation on one hand - mostly already existing video footage and images - and the projection of edited material on a multi screen installation on the other hand.

The base idea is to have different clips/strips - or rather proxies of those (for performance reasons) - to be edited in Blender´s VSE - using cutting, simple transitions and transformations. Possibly also some adding of textpanels.

Those edited results are ideally directly visible in the 3d view as a texture (projected via UVs) on the virtual screen(s). The previewed result in the VSE editing view will represent the uv space (the base 0 - 1 space, so, no UDIM needed) which all virtual screens will share.

The intention of such application is to provide the editor an immediate visual feedback possible of the effect of his/her editing on the various - also moving/animated - screens in the 3d view.

Aside from that there are more coding tasks at hand but the above descibed would be the focus for now.

The production is located in Munich, germany so it would be plus if you are from the region but not mandatory

In case you are interested in helping out please send pm

I am looking forward hearing from you.

(digital aptech) #2

Hi Lorenz,

I have checked your requirement. I am very much interested on this requirement. I am from the Digital Aptech. This is an India based digital agency. We have experienced Python developers. If you need then you can hire our developers as per your need. My Skype id is- live:subhashis_14 please add me then we can talk in details.

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Hi digital aptech,
Thanks for your interest. Currently we are talking to a local developer. In case it will not work out, I would like to get back to you and see if you are still interested.
Thanks again,