Freelance to Help Light and Render

Hello Everyone, I also posted over at Texturing/Lighting.

I am looking to see if anyone was available on a freelance basis to help light and render a Blender Model.

I am working on a short Sci-Fi film and the 3D artist has modeled and textured a space capsule, but has been unable to light and render (radiosity/multipass) properly.

My 3D artist has done a great model in Blender, but doesn’t know a lot about how to light and render in Blender.

I am really hoping someone here can point me in the right direction, either by replying to this thread or contacting me directly.

Also, if this is not the appropriate place to post, please let me know where to post, or where some other Blender Resources are…

Please send links to sample work if appropriate.

My email address is.

somemoretodd at gmail

Thanks So Much…