Freelance work on BA

Have any of yall had any success working with people to do some freelance work for game art on this website? my game is getting to the point where there aren’t many art assets left to be created. Meaning it’s time to make the existing ones look sexier. Do yall have any tips or anecdotes about your experience working with freelance game artists?

General stuff not limited to artists:
-Make sure they feel their work is appreciated
-Some are sensitive to criticism so you gotta word things just right
-People are more receptive to their own ideas
-I hate negotiating pay. Would rather the employer just tell me what he/she thinks the job is worth.

Forgot a really important one: Set an example. If you disappear for prolonged periods or are generally inactive, your people will think it’s OK to do the same. Likewise if you work hard and show lots of progress - it may inspire your employees.