I have a bad habbit of not finishing my projects unless someone is expecting to finish for them. I have a large blender know how, and i can help people solve their blender problems all the time, how ever now I have lots of unfinished projects and several friends on the irc chat.
I recently stumbled upon a site called 99designs where people looking for logos and web site designs would submit a contest with a prize (usually above 100$) and then people will submit their entries. When the contest is over (they go for a week) the employer picks the one he likes the most and the designer gets the money. A simple yet effective scheme.
So my question is, is there anything like this for freelance 3d artists? is there somewhere where someone will say, i need a low poly textured soldier and a couple of people will submit, then the winner will get cold hard cash? or someone can request a picture of a kitchen etc and the winner will get payed.
Where do the freelancers on this forum get their jobs? is there some place you guys go for jobs? i would love to use blender as a source of income but i have trouble finding jobs. Thanks for any advise. is one place. I don’t know of any that are strictly 3D though.

looks like under grphic design there is a 3d modeling section, thanks. anyone here used this? looks cool.

If anyone else has not, I guess I’ll be the test lab monkey with Wish me luck!

While i hate this site because of how they go about getting their message across (spamming and alike, as well as not using common sense) visit Most of the ‘owners’ are members of’s design related forums. Shame, since that place was good until they started this no-spec parade and turnt the forums into site bashing community with no respect or common sense … :confused:

anyway… working under spec, disguised as a contest or otherwise is a poor, degrading means of business. No real designer will produce work under the presumption that they ‘might’ get paid. Neither can a client fairly price the designs they need as apposed to a professional designer themselves (99% of the time anyway)

So naturally, i discourage everyone from going to sites like those…Not just that, but a lot of these site, even if you ‘lose’ you also lose the rights to your artwork! Just not even worth it.

One freelance site is this one.
People putup contests for logos, and other graphic works

the digital point domain appears to be for sale now, shame i was intrested. I was hoping to hear about people here who make freelance money from blender, how do you guys do it?

Another site that sometimes has 3d jobs pop up is

Also, trolling through 3d message boards and setting up clever Google searches can be effective.

However, the number one method for finding jobs (especially good paying ones) is word of mouth. is one site I really like to see work happen!
in the forum under EMPLOYMENT, you will find freelancers, studios looking for artist and others.
I personally did not post nor join a job coz I have one! Who knows, maybe soon.
and for note that I find ConceptArt via Google, I was looking for someone in need for blender artist and yap; there is studios in need for Blender artist.
by the way, there are spam post sometime, not all are real, so be on the lookout.
most of the time they pay via PayPal, E-Bank or Cheque…
there are some do about 500 US in a mouth.
that was my Intel… … . … . . .