Freelancer for 3 real-time interior environments


I’m looking for an artist to help create realistic environments for real-time (‘low-poly’) purposes.

Over the course of the autumn we have three interiors that need to be created. Each is the size of a room, about 4x4 meters, decorated but sparsely furnished. Each scene will be based on a real-world reference. Reference images will be provided but expect to have to complete them. Some artistic (and pragmatic) freedom will be possible.

The scenarios are:
A hotel room (scandinavian style). (No need for interiors of wardrobes, bathroom, etc).
Stove area of large/restaurant kitchen
Electrical cabinet ‘room’ on ship (engine level)

Technical stuff:
Visual quality should be somewhere close to last-gen AAA FPS’s (which can vary a lot, I know, but roughly).
Scenes should have baked lighting (on a separate texture).
Diffuse, normal and specular mapped materials.
Current prototype uses tiling textures for the environment, not a baked texture atlas (with the exception of the lightmap). Decorations may also use an atlas for easier batching.
Style is “realistic”.

Willingness to get hands-on with SDK/in-engine material creation and tweaking is a bonus.

Ideally, one scenario will be delivered every three weeks. All three before December.

I propose a payment model where each scenario has a fixed price (including some room for tweaking) plus an hourly rate for any additional smaller tasks. I’d appreciate if you can provide an estimate, or hourly rate, in your initial mail. We can agree on a final price once more details have been provided.

It’s likely that there will be more scenarios needed later on.

Let me know if you find any of the information unclear.

Thank you for your time,