Freelancer for architecture modeling and texturing

I’m looking for a freelancer for modeling and texturing architecture from reference images. Buildings are from various times (old, modern). HEREis an example. Please send me a pm with a price per building (model + textures) as I will need many of them. Models can be mid to high-poly with specular, normal and diffuse textures.

Hi Veez,

What do you mean when you say ‘high poly’? I mean some people would model the wood paneling plank by plank and even the nails to hold them up for high poly! Open ended like this a single model could go for hundreds of dollars.
How do you plan on using the models?


Hi BlendShadow!

That’s a good point, buildings will be used for 3D real-time visualization so it falls more in the games spectrum. High-poly here means windows and bigger details can/should be modeled. Not just one texture that covers windows and walls which would be very low-poly and suitable for mobile market. Modeling every detail like you said, wouldn’t be appropriate for my project.

Hello Veez,
Ok, so major details including windows modeled (that’s a lot of windows!) Concerning windows, are you wanting trim modeled or just for the faces to be indented to break up the wall? I guess the question is how close do you want to be able to get?
Also, how good are your reference images? Do you have close ups on the details, front, side and back views, or is it just the single shot from the front? Also, I’m assuming that the entire structure (5 distinct styles) constitutes one building?

Message left, w8ing for the responce.

Hi Veez,
I am interested for this project. I have already designed few house with the help of reference images. I can show u my work if you want.

I found a video tutorial which also shows the detail I want to have on my models. If you are a freelancer I expect you to model buildings as fast as he does in the video. Textures probably take more time.

Private message sent.

Hey Veez,

I"m a bit puzzled by your last post, is it a joke? Why would you ‘expect’ a freelancer to model at the speed in the video? (please note I have not seen the video yet, I’m on dial-up) Since its a video, the guy doing the modeling would most likely have already run through the project ahead of time to work out any issue. I suppose speed is a factor if you’re paying by the hour, but that does not necessarily take into account the how much is being charged per hour. Now if someone wants to charge like a Blendermaster then one could reasonably expect speed like a Blendermaster.

Hmm, I see that in the time gap between writing my post and clicking “post” actually the author added a video… And I have to agree with BlendShadow. You can’t expect such modelling speed at first approach. That is, it’s possible to do it that fast, and even faster, but you really have to keep in mind, that doing a model for the first time can take a bit longer due to for example unforseen problems occuring during modelling process. And yeah, unwrapping and texturing are a completely different parts of the proces, pretty time consuming as well. Be prepared it may take longer that 1,5 h per model. Still interested in that job anyway.

The modeler in that video isn’t really rushing, he just knows what he’s doing and it looks fast. Most of freelancers who contacted me provided quality work surprisingly quick and within my budget. For now I won’t be needing more freelancers.

No, he’s not rushing, just knowing the building he’s modelling, that’s the point :slight_smile: Not needing more freelancers, by that you mean that this thread should be considered solved?